Women in the Channel: Vanessa Beauparlant Shares Her Journey at Cisco


The technology industry is evolving to embrace diversity and inclusion – with more representation throughout and a concerted effort in the recruiting process. The presence of women in the channel is also expanding, and during Women’s History Month, the EDGE360 team is highlighting leaders who have sought after and succeeded in IT.

Vanessa Beauparlant has been a part of the Cisco ecosystem for more than a decade, supporting the company’s largest distributors. As a Distribution Account Manager, she supports the TD SYNNEX relationship. Beauparlant didn’t expect to follow in her mother’s footsteps in working in technology, but the influence was undeniable.

“I definitely did not anticipate I would end up with a career in the IT industry,” she told us. In fact, she was pursuing pre-law in college. “My mother worked in IT her entire career, and while I was in college, she helped me secure various summer internships at the service provider she worked for. My intent at the time was to gain some working experience during college and make some extra spending money,” she explained. But that was when Beauparlant was introduced to Cisco, and from there she was hooked. “When it came time to graduate college, I decided to pursue an opportunity to join Cisco as an Associate Sales Representative. I have held various sales roles in my time at Cisco, but I have spent most of my career in my current role within the world of distribution, and it has been amazing!”

Over the course of her career, Beauparlant has seen how quickly technology evolves and how organizations need to continue to grow to meet the expectations and needs of partners and customers. “The constant change and the evolution of Cisco keeps me going for sure. Cisco is a different company today than when I started 11 years ago. It has kept me on my toes and makes it exciting to go to work every day,” Beauparlant said. This is especially true since the global pandemic hit, and Cisco and its partners have quickly shifted to powering the new hybrid world.

The impact of making a difference and having leaders who care means so much to Beauparlant in today’s ever-evolving environment. “What do I love most about my job? My team! I work with amazing and talented people who make everyday fun. I also really love that my leaders trust me and believe in my capabilities. They know that I will always have the best interests of Cisco and our partners in mind. This makes a huge difference in going to work every day.”

Beauparlant is a strong believer that doing your best and going for what you want is key to being successful. She encourages the next generation to seek out tech-related career options. “You don’t have to be ‘technical’ to be in a tech-related career, so don’t let that intimidate you. I promise you that the tech industry will help you uncover skills you never knew or thought you had.” While she doesn’t believe gender should be a factor in job qualifications, she knows that representation matters for women in the channel. “Seeing more women in leadership roles is a tell-tale sign that a company values diversity and representation. Seeing is believing,” she concluded.


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