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Over the last year, the focus for IT was all about securing the remote worker and establishing the infrastructure needed to maintain a disparate workforce. But now, as we begin planning to return to the office, consistent security and safety measures are crucial to that return. To address these challenges with care, Cisco has established the Cisco Trusted Workplace initiative, an effort that champions a suite of programs and services that bring peace of mind as we return to the workplace.

Under the Cisco Trusted Workplace umbrella is Cisco DNA Spaces, a cloud-based solution that offers location-based services via a wireless access point. Cisco DNA Spaces is a valuable tool in a world where social distancing and surface cleanliness is still very much top-of-mind for folks as it promotes more thoughtful space utilization and a more touchless office experience.

“With the help of smart IoT devices and a fully wireless support system, Cisco DNA Spaces can make returning to the office in a hybrid or fully in-person environment feel safe while still promoting productivity,” explained Ryan Gies, SYNNEX Comstor Product Business Manager for Cisco Enterprise Networking.  Gies went on to explain how, because Cisco DNA Spaces is a complete cloud solution end-to-end, it seamlessly integrates with an organization’s existing Cisco infrastructure, including everything from Meraki to Webex.

A quick example Gies pointed to in the application of Cisco DNA Spaces was the use of conference rooms. “This tool enables an employee to start presenting in a meeting in a conference room without needing to touch anything other than his or her personal device,” he said. And because the program offers a holistic view of foot traffic throughout a building, accurate and safe space utilization becomes embedded in an organization’s operations. These capabilities are particularly valuable for essential workers in industries like healthcare, where fully remote work is never truly an option.

Currently, Cisco is offering a “Secure Access Bundle” for partners through July 31 that helps customers get the necessary technology to support tools like Cisco DNA Spaces if end users aren’t already using them. With the purchase of a new Catalyst mGig 9300 or 9400 switch, customers receive a free 9130 wireless access point. Both solutions will support a seamless adoption of Cisco DNA Spaces. There is also the option to try the Cisco DNA Spaces for free for 30 days to decide if it’s a fit for their organization.

You can see the benefits of the Cisco Trusted Workplace illustrated in the video below:

To learn more about Cisco DNA Space and the Cisco Trusted Workplace initiative, reach out to Ryan Gies.