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A key component of SYNNEX Comstor’s award winning approach is its ability help partners get started with Cisco and to thoughtfully strategize to help partners build a profitable, sustainable Cisco practice. The development and continued expansion of the SYNNEX Comstor EDGE Progression Program and its customized tools are prime examples of how SYNNEX Comstor offers the solutions Cisco partners need to succeed. 

Troy Legere, Director of Marketing at Westwind, recently spoke about how SYNNEX Comstor has been crucial in strengthening Westwind’s understanding of and visibility into the Cisco ecosystem, primarily through the use of the EDGE Progression Program. In turn, the reseller is able to offer more in-depth support to its customers who are leveraging Cisco products and as a result, strengthen its relationships with them. 

“The EDGE Progression Program has helped our business because we’re able to work with the people at [SYNNEX] Comstor to get specific help and support for the different products that we need help with,” Legere stated. “We’re also able to take training and the services offered at our own pace.”  

For Legere, it’s not just about SYNNEX Comstor’s ability to help Westwind in the moment with whatever challenge they are facing. It’s about the established best practice of anticipating future needs and challenges that makes SYNNEX Comstor a truly valuable partner to their business. 

“Often, they’re not even just answering the direct question,” remarked Legere about the SYNNEX Comstor team. “They’re usually kind of reading ahead for what our challenges might be and giving us more detail, which, of course, saves a ton of time for us when we’re trying to help our customer.” 

You can listen to Legere share how Westwind’s relationship with SYNNEX Comstor continues to help them build a successful, robust Cisco practice here: