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Driving your security practice to understand and include solutions that will help end customers protect their data and networks, is an area that will make or break a value-added reseller’s business. To help partners create a cyber security solution that is capable of protecting networks in today’s complex threat landscape, Comstor has built a partnership with CyberRisk Solutions (CRS) to help its partners drive their pipeline and close business.

The CRS group will help members of the Comstor Security Initiative (CSI) understand today’s kill chain and protects against it. Recent presentations have included a focus on a holistic approach to security from Bryant G. Tow, a 20-year cyber security expert, author and researcher. As Tow shared with workshop attendees, many organizations don’t realize that today’s cybercriminals are focusing on people when they target a company. He shared that all hacks include the same kill chain: Reconnaissance, luring of a participant employee, redirecting of information, exploiting of the network, dropping the malware, and theft of data. Lack of employee education contributes to the success of these hacks.

By participating in Comstor CSI, members learn more about the threat landscape, executive threat strategy, executive relevance selling and other security topics. Tow will be presenting a follow-up webinar that will build on this information and help Comstor partners learn how to position him and the CRS with customers/prospects, learn how to leverage this Dynamic Value Partnership to grow your practice and understand the steps to schedule Bryant & CRS.

“How to engage CyberRisk Solutions to Drive Your Security Practice” is set for 11 a.m. Mountain/1 p.m. Eastern, Wednesday, June 8. To learn more about CSI and the Comstor CSR group, contact Kevin Pistorius, Product Manager – Security at 303-566-4883 or kevin.pistorius@comstor.com.