Webex One: New Innovations Transform Collaboration and the Hybrid Work Experience


The year 2020 drove the widespread adoption of remote working, and while we’ve moved on to 2021, this new way of working is here to stay, in one way or another. Remote working has tested the importance of collaboration and customer experience. Whether working from home or from an office, collaboration is critical to enabling employees, partners, and customers to connect virtually when being face-to-face is impossible. Webex has been at the core of enabling this connection and recently launched new innovations with Webex One that create an even more seamless collaboration experience.  

“Coming together with the right collaboration tools helps us innovate more, breaks down barriers, and equals the playing field,” Chuck Robbins, Cisco CEO, said during the Webex One launch event. Robbins noted that Cisco’s mission is to create the technology to make this happen. The goal, according to Robbins, is to develop an experience that is, “10 times better than in-person interactions.” Robbins also noted that this change is spurred by the opportunity to “reimagine what work looks like.” 

One way that Cisco and its partners are enabling this new smart hybrid work experience for everyone is by developing new flexible solutions to boost capabilities, simplify the experience, and make it more customizable and inclusive to fit the user’s needs. This includes: 

Webex Desk Camera: This camera includes intelligent features that have been adapted to meet the needs of employees working remotely or from an office. It enables the user to mute and unmute the microphone with a simple gesture. Learn more here.  

Webex Desk Hub: Built for a new way of working, this new desk hub allows the user to make any desk – personal or hoteling desk – their own by allowing them to pair, charge, and connect a camera, headset, laptop, and more. Learn more here. 

Webex Desk: This compact, all-in-one device transforms the user’s experience when working in a home office or in-person. It connects to any meeting services and enables noise cancellation, virtual backgrounds, and facial recognition. Learn more here.  

Yet, as we learned during this past year, work environments are rapidly changing, and technology solutions need to be flexible enough to quickly adapt with these new changes. That’s why Cisco has also created an open platform that allows partners to create integrations to solve customer needs. Ultimately, with these new innovations, video collaboration and meetings will be as good as in-person meetings, if not better.  

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