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The ways that employees work evolves and changes with the introduction of every new technology. That will continue with video collaboration tools, and research firms like IDC predict that by 2021, 61 percent of the Global2000 will offer co-working and remote work options that are supported by video collaboration.  

To solve the pain points experienced by using low-quality video collaboration of the past and to enable the new workforce, platforms like Cisco Webex and others have created enterprise video collaboration tools that mimic ongoing innovation and ease-of-use consumer technology. The enterprise customer expects it – employees want the same ease of video and chat features they experience when they use their personal devices to talk with friends and family.

At Cisco Live, presenters talked about the future of Webex and how it is meeting those demands. The first step is through one platform for video, calling, messaging, and meetings, as well as content sharing and multi-user annotation white boarding through the integrated Webex Teams platform.  Employees have everything on one platform, so they can share documents while in a video meeting and chat at the same time. “It’s like taking your Skype chat, along with Google Docs, and combining it with video. With Webex team rooms, you can create your own spaces and launch meetings from one platform,” said Gavin Critchlow, Business Development for Cisco Collaboration at Comstor.

“A lot of the today’s meetings are remote, so employees are not travelling as much as they used to. The pressure is on to keep employees interactive in this new type of environment.  When you are not face-to-face, it’s easy to get distracted and do other work on the side instead of fully engaging in the conversation,” according to Critchlow. “Webex’s video-first approach gives you the ability to see other people in the room and creates a more interactive environment.”

Interoperability with other collaboration tools is key to truly taking advantage of all that is offered. With the right tools and the right environment in place, organizations will start to see their digital transformation goals come to fruition. “People are getting more comfortable with turning the video on,” Critchlow said.

Want to learn more? Watch the full video on how video collaboration is evolving in the workplace.