VIDEO: Protecting the Castle and Giving Data Security the Royal Treatment


Understanding all the layers that make up a comprehensive IT security approach is important in achieving data security. Several different tools work together to keep your data safe from bad actors and having a firm grasp on how those tools complement each other is invaluable in the selection process of your customers.

To easily explain the elements of data security that are available to Cisco partners and their customers, Sharon March, Director of Technical Support at SYNNEX Comstor, offered a castle analogy with data being represented as the king and queen and the castle representing a data center, like Cisco UCS or HyperFlex. The analogy continues with elements like a drawbridge and guard (a firewall like Cisco NGFW), a window to see who is coming to visit the castle (Cisco IPS), and spies to give the castle warnings about any potential enemies (Talos).

By the time March concludes her explanation, everything from castle archers, to protected villages, to moats are covered, all explaining the data security tools at the disposal of Cisco customers. The visual offered by March is helpful in illustrating not only all the ways customers can protect their data, but also the various forms of cyber threats that exist.

It’s clear that there is not one, solitary cure-all for cyber threats; being able to see how various solutions collaborate to keep the customer’s kingdom safe is helpful as customers build their IT security strategy.

You can watch March’s full explanation of the data security ecosystem supported by Cisco here:


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