VIDEO: New Meraki Partner Incentives Help Healthcare and Remote Workforces Get Up and Running


New and existing Comstor partners that work with healthcare customers are likely feeling the pressure to help their customers rapidly set up facilities and testing sites at locations across the country, even in remote areas where connectivity is spotty. The environment we are facing today is unprecedented. But with the latest Meraki incentives, partners can help their customers get up and running quickly.

Ezequiel Rios, Product Business Manager for SYNNEX Comstor EDGE Meraki, tells us that the latest incentives are focused on helping healthcare customers. “Current incentives include 90-day free trials for all healthcare customers who are on the front lines in responding to this global pandemic,” he told us. The trials include up to 20 pieces of Meraki equipment with next-day delivery within the U.S. “The focus is on speed of delivery, to offer relief quickly,” Rios commented.

Cisco is enabling healthcare facilities to securely bring remote field hospitals, testing centers, and telemedicine venues online in minutes with a focus on speed, simplicity, and ease-of use. In addition to free-trials and next day delivery, there are a few financial incentives that partners should be aware of, Rios pointed out. “Discounts are now available including a one-year license with any hardware purchase over ten thousand dollars for all healthcare or pop-up facilities,” he shared. Cisco has also allows customers to defer 95 percent of their costs of a new product or service until 2021, as part of the new Business Resiliency Program. These are just a few incentives and rebates that Rios advises Edge Meraki partners on as part of the SYNNEX Comstor Edge progression program.

Watch now, as Rios explains the two pillars that are a part of the progression program:

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