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With a focus on business continuity, many customers have moved to a remote work model to accommodate the new realities of the workplace. The top concern for administrators is connectivity, access, and security. And with each of these requirements, there is a need for simplicity.

Security solutions can be complex and having too many security tools can overwhelm security and IT administrators. For partners looking to offer easy, simplified security solutions to customers, the SYNNEX Comstor team is here to help.

We recently sat down with Evan Bell, Product Business Manager for Cisco Security at SYNNEX Comstor, to discuss the newest incentives and offerings from Cisco. “There is an opportunity for partners to help customers address the ever-growing security gap that occurs with the adoption of multiple security tools that are complex and frustrating to use,” he told us. “Tools that are difficult to install and only have a small number of benefits are a significant pain point.”

“Cisco has developed security tools with simplicity in mind,” Bell told us. The first is Cisco Umbrella, a cloud offering that is flexible and offers multiple security functions in one solution. “With this cloud-enabled tool, security administrators can extend protection to devices and remote users anywhere, which is critical in the current environment,” he continued.

Similarly, Cisco Duo has been designed to verify user identity with two-factor authentication. “With so many offices operating remotely, Duo gives visibility into each remote device and how corporate applications are accessed.”

AnyConnect VPN and next-gen firewall allows for secure access to the enterprise network for any user, on any device, and ensure that remote workers can work from home, safely. “Cisco is now allowing customers to expand their limit at this time and new users to test the solution for 90-days due to these unprecedented times,” Bell explained. 

“Additionally, partners now have access to both Umbrella and Duo and can offer a trial for their customers for free,” Bell added. “With our EDGE progression program, we provide partners with the training and certifications they need to sell Cisco security tools and keep them updated on the latest incentives and rebates so they can build their practices, profitably.”

Watch now as Bell explains the benefits  of the Comstor EDGE Security progression program.

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