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In the midst of a global pandemic, organizations of all sizes are moving their employees to a remote work environment. Now, more than ever, the need for secure and reliable collaboration solutions to help organizations stay productive and protected is imperative. Webex is backed by Cisco Security and features end-to-end encryption, protecting company data and users’ privacy.

Gavin Critchlow, Product Business Manager for Cisco Collaboration at Comstor, recently explained why now is the time for partners to offer Cisco Webex for customers. He offered insight into how Comstor helps partners that are ready to become a Cisco partner and sell Cisco Webex at an enterprise level or into the mid-market or small business space.

Currently, Comstor is offering several authorization options to partners. Here are several options that Critchlow identified for partners:

Collaboration SaaS Authorization: This is a one-day course provided by the Comstor team to ensure that partners understand the Cisco Webex solutions so they can design, quote, deploy, and support the right Webex solution for their customer. “This is a baseline requisite for many of the other authorizations and specializations offered to help partners grow their business,” Critchlow told us. “If you are in the collaboration space and you do not have this authorization, you should get it. An added benefit is an additional discount that is provided.”

Web Contact Center Authorization: This is a one-year authorization that requires that the Collaboration SaaS Authorization is complete. This offering allows partners to sell, implement, and support mid-market customers.

 Unified Contact Center Express Authorization: This authorization offers channel partners more flexibility around which collaboration solutions to invest in and positions you as a brand expert and a Cisco Authorized Partner to deliver a contact center to a mid-market. Enterprise-level authorization takes it a step further by delivering a personalized experience and services to enterprise-level contact centers.

Cisco Enterprise Agreement Authorization: At this level, the partner can combine several Cisco architectures and cross-sell at the enterprise level, creating a long-term roadmap for customers. The benefits aligned with this authorization are simplifying the buying process, giving customers an easier way to consume on-demand, and easing the management of all licenses across the board.

Getting the EDGE on Collaboration: With the EDGE progression programs, Critchlow and his team have their finger on the pulse of the new offerings from Cisco. Comstor walks partners through all the steps to become eligible to sell Cisco Webex and advance their business and expertise. From authorizations to specializations, Critchlow’s team works hand in hand with partners to identify requirements, incentives, and rebates to help partners sell profitably. 

“We want to invest in the growth of our partners and help them succeed,” explained Critchlow. “We offer trainings and specializations like our SMB track for free for EDGE partners as part of our dedication to help them grow.” The SMB track is the specialization for Registered Cisco partners to become Select Partners and gain the ability to register deals as well as become eligible for upfront discount programs.

Comstor’s focus on providing partners the tools they need to engage, develop, grow, and extend their Cisco lines of business is more important than ever. 

Watch now as Critchlow explains how his team works with partners to help them get the EDGE on their business:

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