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During a time where the number of remote workers has significantly risen, the data center and its operations are more critical than ever. Demand for highly available, secure data services is at an all-time high and putting pressure on data center operators to ensure they have the right tools to enable business continuity.

Partners looking to offer Cisco data center solutions and build their Cisco Data Center business, work with SYNNEX Comstor for education, training, promotions, incentives, and rebates. Anthony Rosati, Program Business Manager for Cisco Data Center, tells us that in the data center, the most important thing is helping customers avoid silos, and enabling the availability and security of data applications. Now is the time to help customers “refresh for the future” (R2F) and modernize.

“There are significant incentives for partners that help customers stay ahead of the curve and implement Cisco Compute technologies including UCS, HyperFlex and Intersight,” Rosati said. “These solutions simplify management and provide a unified fabric that is silo-free.”

Cisco Intersight, according to Rosati, allows for smarter and secure management. “Intersight combines the simplicity of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) with actionable intelligence derived from analytics and machine learning,” he said. “By moving management software to the cloud, users can maintain from anywhere with a single pane that even allows mobile access. They no longer need to maintain hardware or software, and the best part is that they can access the base edition of Intersight for FREE.”

“Data centers are built to do one thing, and that is to run apps,” Rosati shared. “In addition to management tools like Intersight, new and innovative applications are emerging with the growth of AI and machine learning. With these new applications, Cisco is offering new tools to better manage the growing number of apps.”

Cisco recently announced its Application Centric Infrastructure 5.0 (Cisco ACI™), Rosati explained. As the network and use of applications grow, the infrastructure extends “ACI Anywhere” to enable automated Service Provider capabilities for 5G and new capabilities for multi-cloud environments with increased security features. Data Center operators now have more control and flexibility over the data.

“Partners now have a 50 percent discount on Cisco ACI deployments with Cisco Nexus 95000 series modular switches,” Rosati explained.

These types of incentives are exactly what Rosati and his team offer to EDGE Data Center partners, who are looking to build and grow their Data Center practice. “Whether it is helping partners understand the latest Cisco solutions from ACI 5.0, to Intersight, Hyperflex and UCS, SYNNEX Comstor is here to help,” Rosati told us. “We help our partners navigate the complexities of organizations such as Cisco and we work with them to help build a more profitable business.” 

Watch now as Rosati explains how partners can apply the SYNNEX Comstor EDGE to their business:

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