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Now more than ever, the enterprise network is critical to business continuity. With remote employees working from home, there has been an extraordinary shift in the work environment and on the network. Many organizations are taking advantage of cloud services to enable work from home with reliable access to the network. But how are the networks holding up to the greater demand for resilience, security, and scalability?

Ryan Gies, Product Business Manager for the SYNNEX Comstor EDGE Networking program, is working with partners to help them navigate Cisco and consult with them to ensure they understand the ever-evolving Cisco Enterprise Networking solutions that are best suited for their organization’s demands.

“Organizations today have to manage complex edge and multicloud environments while trying to keep the network secure,” Gies said. “Cisco SD-WAN enables that digital transformation and offers faster access, ease of deployment, simple management and best in class security.” All of these are critically important in today’s new environment.

For partners that have opted in to the Comstor EDGE progression programs, they have access to a team of experts that can guide them along the path to achieve networking specializations and certifications so that they can better help their customers develop digital-ready networks.

“From the Express Networking Specialization that will help you jump start your Cisco Networking practice to the Advanced Enterprise Networking Architecture Specialization to receive the training you need to sell Cisco Software Defined Access and SD-WAN solutions, all the way to the Master Networking Specialization. At SYNNEX Comstor, we consult with you and guide you along the way to ensure you are cognizant of the trainings, incentives, rebates, and promotions Cisco offers,” Gies continued. 

Gies also pointed out that the latest Cisco incentives enable partners to offer a 90-day “try before you buy” incentive to customers. This includes free hardware and software licenses for customers considering SD-WAN.

Watch now as Gies explains the SYNNEX Comstor EDGE Networking progression program:

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