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As business needs and competitive markets demand more agility and flexibility than ever before, traditional IT approaches to data center management are no longer cutting it. Businesses need a true system that rids IT of the constraints of existing technology and instead allows for flexibility and control over their infrastructure. Today’s servers create silos, use complex management models, and lack visibility and control. What’s needed is a system that can help IT teams respond to the requirements of the business faster while being flexible enough to handle future changes and new technologies. So what does a true systems approach entail? Moor Insights and Strategy outlines five characteristics of a true system below:

  • Systems are fabric-centric. The data center infrastructure of a true system must be scalable, tuned to the needs of workloads, easily provisioned, and balanced for each individual workload.
  • 100% programmable. In a systems environment there is precise control over the data center so multiple workloads can adapt and run simultaneously.
  • Focused on business intent. True systems enable administrators to automate configurations and tasks based on specific requirements that are tied to business objectives and application experiences.
  • Endpoint-aware. Systems have visibility into physical, virtual, and container host endpoints and can optimize the environment to address the actual needs of the workloads.
  • Powered by analytics. A systems approach enables increased use of analytics and machine learning to deliver assisted and autonomic capabilities.

If IT leaders are going to modernize their infrastructure, they need a solution that delivers flexibility and agility while enabling IT teams to maintain visibility and control over the infrastructure. The Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) platform offers a cohesive system-level approach, providing pools of policy-based programmable infrastructure to support a wide range of workloads and IT operating models. It is a true system, designed for IT innovation and business acceleration that is delivered as a single platform to better match a business’ agility needs. By giving IT the freedom to deploy applications and services as needed by eliminating complexity, true systems enable IT to quickly shift resources as needs change, allowing greater responsiveness to revenue opportunities and changes in the business environment.

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