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Despite several years of very high-profile security breaches at both public and private sector organizations, many companies are still trying to protect their networks using traditional firewalls and other outdated security solutions. Unfortunately, these traditional approaches just don’t work in the reality of today’s complex threat landscape.

In fact, according to Bryant G. Tow, a 20-year cyber security expert, author, and researcher, many organizations overlook one of the three main pillars of security: people.  What they don’t realize is that today’s cybercriminals are focusing on people when they target a company. He shared that all hacks include the same “kill chain:” reconnaissance, luring of a participant employee, redirecting of information, exploiting of the network, dropping the malware, and theft of data. Lack of employee education contributes to the success of these hacks.

By not looking at cybersecurity from a holistic viewpoint— through training and awareness as well as looking at facilities and processes –many organizations have gaping holes in their security efforts.

Comstor is working hard to help its partners understand today’s kill chain and protect against hacks through its recent Federal Summit focus on cyber security and through a series of workshops.  The Comstor Security Initiative (CSI) Workshops include presentations by Tow and others on today’s threat landscape, executive threat strategy, executive relevance selling, and other security topics. The CSI Workshops are designed to help Comstor partners turn their sales and engineering teams into Cisco Security powerhouses.

The workshop includes insight into real-life cyber security cases and best practices as well as into why traditional cybersecurity tools can leave a network exposed. Presenters help partners understand what goes into a holistic, unified cyber security strategy and show them how to create a framework and supporting strategies for a successful Cisco Security practice.

Attendees of the first CSI Workshop in April deemed it “excellent, relevant, and valuable.” 36 people, representing 24 Comstor partners, attended. As one attendee shared, “Comstor has a lot of programs to help partners; it was great to learn of them and to be able to take what I’ve learned back to my company and hopefully continue to grow our business together.”

There is still a chance to attend one of our upcoming  CSI Workshops on May 10 & 11, May 12 & 13 or August 16-17 in Colorado.  Presentations by Bryant G. Tow and others are designed to help Comstor partners better understand the security space, jumpstart their security practices, and put them ahead of the competition.

CSI Workshops are complimentary, so space is limited. Sign yourself and your team up today and get excited about the opportunity to grow your security practice.

For more information about the 1.5 day CSI workshops, please contact Kevin Pistorius, Security Product Manager, at