The EDGE Evolution: Engage- Develop- Grow- Extend- What’s next?


E-D-G-E…Engage, Develop, Grow, Extend. At Comstor, we take the EDGE “trajectory” very seriously, and we like to credit not only our recent success of being named Cisco Americas Partner of the Year in Distribution to the EDGE philosophy, but also the continued growth of our partners.

Initially, we created the EDGE program as a framework that positioned the tools and services that support a partner’s Cisco practice within a practical business life cycle to enhance and make their Cisco practice more profitable. Yet, as partners come to the realization that doing business with Comstor is more than they expected, we want to continue to deliver on the promise of growth.

One of Comstor’s primary undertakings has been and continues to be enabling solution providers in building their Cisco practice profitably. To that end the EDGE program is intended to incent and reward deepening partnerships with Comstor within the transactional mode by a co-investment in growth, but also in developing deeper relationships with our partners in our shared goals.

Through recent program evolution, we strive to offer partners more value, and we are moving toward promoting a tailored option for devoted EDGE partners who have been with the program one year or more and are also experiencing great market growth. In that light, the EDGE program is progressing into a program that offers a more personalized approach to engaging and working closely with partners on a proven, collaborative roadmap to turn the promise of growth into a reality.

During the EDGE Conference, we will be rolling out the next phase of the program. Comstor will co-invest in a Managed Marketing solution that will allow partners to take their investment in EDGE and their Cisco practice to the next level. Within this new marketing approach, we are offering partners access to a practice-building methodology that is proven and prescriptive – and all about realizing the potential EDGE has as a tool that helps build partner practices profitably.

In addition to the new marketing elements to EDGE, we are also striving to incorporate an education component, leveraging the experience of expert professionals who know exactly how to get the most out of your relationship with Cisco. This insider knowledge is paramount to growing a healthy and sustainable Cisco practice.

Delivering on our promise to reward customer loyalty with investment toward growth has manifested into a “layering” of programs and personalized guidance. Some of these proffered layers will entail a marketing concierge offering managed marketing services, mentorship and investment guidance. Following the EDGE trajectory, partners can hope to Engage, Develop, Grow and Extend with Comstor EDGE.

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