TD SYNNEX INSPIRE 2022: Setting Course for the Future of the IT Channel


In Greenville, South Carolina, IT channel partners from around the world gathered to share the latest IT trends, tips, and tricks that have empowered their success over the last few years. In an industry still striving to realize the potential of the ongoing digital transformation, events like TD SYNNEX INSPIRE 2022 present a tremendous opportunity for companies to share and discuss the solutions and challenges driving the industry into the future.

Similar to previous years, TD SYNNEX INSPIRE 2022 is more than just a gathering place for ideas; it is a gathering place for people. In an industry at the forefront of remote and hybrid work evolutions, this event was a rare opportunity for in-person attendees to reignite their passion for connectivity beyond the tech they sell.

While the event had far too many moments for us to share them all, some stood out to the EDGE360 team.

Channel Insights from 2021 Channel Influencer of the Year, Jay McBain
One major conversation with implications for the entire industry was a session hosted by Jay McBain, Chief Analyst for Canalys. McBain’s longstanding contributions to the channel culminated in a 2021 Channel Influencer of the Year Award from Channel Partners Magazine.

In a robust conversation, McBain outlined the many challenges and opportunities ahead for the channel as it looks toward an uncertain future. With more organizations across the private and public sectors looking to leverage the best technology to enable the modern workforce, McBain urges the entire channel to be prepared for whatever may lie ahead.

TD SYNNEX and Canalys Poll the Channel for Insights into 2022 and Beyond
TD SYNNEX joined Canalys in calling for insights from the attendees to better understand the challenges and expectations facing many in the IT Channel. As part of the TD SYNNEX INSPIRE 2022 event, both companies coordinated to bring the results to the entire industry so that even those who were not able to be present could benefit.

While the survey is still available as of the writing of this article, it will likely close in the coming weeks, so for those who want to participate and have their voices counted, click here.

All Good Things…
At the end of a very busy week, all that the many participants could do was reflect on the many experiences and opportunities they had at TD SYNNEX INSPIRE 2022. To close out the event, organizers had something special in mind. On stage for the enjoyment of in-person attendees were Fitz and the Tantrums.

With the week behind them, attendees and organizers alike were able to enjoy good music with good people. While the entire economy remains in a hybrid work environment, moments like this remind everyone that sometimes the best things must be experienced in person.

A Final Note
It must be noted that both TD SYNNEX INSPIRE 2022 and Vendor Summit 2022 happened one after the other. The teams that put both on worked tirelessly for months to ensure that in-person and virtual attendees could enjoy both events and share in the moments that define the industry.

The entire staff of EDGE360 Online and the IT Channel truly appreciate the work that this team has done and cannot wait to see what they have in store next.


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