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Now that federal buying season is complete, government contractors are probably considering taking a break from the hustle of the past few busy months.  But don’t give in. Between October and the end of calendar 2016, value-added resellers (VARs) who sell to federal agencies should focus on customer relationships and learning, according to Larry Allen of Allen Federal Business Partners. In a recent podcast, he tells Comstor partners why the last three months of the calendar year are vital for solidifying relationships with federal agencies.

As Allen pointed out in a previous conversation with EDGE360, the federal government is operating under a continuing resolution (CR) that will govern how agencies can purchase anything, and there is speculation that the CR will last into calendar 2017.

That means that federal agencies will be maintaining their existing projects rather than starting new ones, according to Allen.

“This is the time to call personally on that federal prospect or existing federal customer,” he shared. “It’s similar to when new cars are unveiled — you need to be showing your newest technology and upgraded capabilities to your prospects and partners now so they will understand what is in your technology showroom.”

Allen says there will be some agencies with money to make new purchases, but the majority will need to better understand how they can add to existing systems and how to integrate those new components with legacy systems.

Since a CR reality is not the greatest news for those who have aggressive business projections for this fiscal year,” according to Allen, he reiterates that this is the time for solidifying relationships, as well as attending conferences to network and learn. October and November offer the best conferences for federal attendees.

“You can always learn something new, so look for the conferences where there will be a lot of federal attendees so you can broaden your network among contractors, partners and others with whom you can perhaps do business,” Allen added.

Learn why Allen says this is the time of the year that you shouldn’t be seen in the office by listening to the podcast below.

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