Take Control of Your Cisco Journey with the EDGE Focus Tool


The complexity and breadth of the Cisco marketplace can be challenging for Cisco partners, but SYNNEX Comstor is uniquely positioned to help partners maximize the success and profitability of their Cisco practice. The SYNNEX Comstor EDGE Focus Tool (EFT) is a platform that helps resellers navigate the complex Cisco ecosystem and identify which training tracks align best with their specific goals and expertise. EFT also allows resellers to secure valuable rebates and discounts for their programs through an organized, one-stop shop approach.

“No more spreadsheets!” exclaimed Carissa Scholl, SYNNEX Comstor’s Enablement Programs Project Manager for Cisco Business Development. “The EDGE Focus Tool is a living tool that tracks Cisco data relating to the compliance piece of the partner’s Cisco partnership level.”

In an effort to continue optimizing this tool and the advantages it creates for partners, SYNNEX Comstor recently announced an update to the EDGE Focus Tool. Upgrades include additional certification architectures addressing cloud, managed marketing, public sector, and renewals. The renewals tab helps partners easily track items like their contract number renewal status, the contract subscription status, and date ranges.

The value of the tool not only applies to partners, but directly to SYNNEX Comstor as well. “The tool enables our partners to track and gauge where they want to go but also helps us to act even more like an extension of their business with increased visibility into their progress and where we could be offering more guidance,” stated Saxton Barnes, Product Business Manager, Cisco Partner Engagement at SYNNEX Comstor.

Jackson Grise, Product Business Manager, Cisco Partner Engagement at SYNNEX Comstor, highlighted the uniqueness of the tool. “The partners we have navigated with on the EDGE Focus Tool have said there is nothing in the market close to it today. The way it breaks down the specializations, authorizations and certifications into an easy to read format is extremely valuable to our partners and makes it accessible to team members at many different levels,” he said. 

On the horizon, partners can expect a Value Incentive Program calculator and a promotion tab to maximize their rebate dollars to be added to the platform.

“There are hundreds of ways to become profitable selling Cisco,” Scholl stated. “We help create and maintain a roadmap that tracks business goals, Cisco architecture focus, rebate attainment, available promotions and incentives, EDGE progression programs, and Cisco partnership level. The tool allows visibility from the partners’ side and from SYNNEX Comstor, creating a collaborative space to go through the Cisco journey together.”

To learn more about the EDGE Focus Tool, its updates, and how it can enhance your Cisco business, please watch the video below. You can also schedule a demo by reaching out to EDGEPrograms@synnex.com.


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