wearable devices

From BYOD to BYOW: Is Your Network Prepared for Wearable Devices?

It was not too long ago that IT departments were struggling with developing policies and procedures for the sheer number of devices that employees were connecting into the network. In fact, many IT departments are still trying to manage their Bring Your…

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Cisco Partner Summit

At Cisco Partner Summit, The Network Sees Everything

The Network. Intuitive. The Cisco tagline, and the theme of yesterday morning’s keynote at Cisco Partner Summit from Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins, was about using technology to drive simplification in the Era of Intelligence. He talked about how today, Cisco is enabling customers…

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Superheroes Unite! Cisco Live 2017 Changing How Business Gets Done

The party people in Las Vegas like to say “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Comstor’s technical pre-sales engineers take a different approach. Our entire team is attending Cisco LIVE and we’re not leaving anything in Vegas – we’re going to learn…

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Is Your Partner’s Network Meraki Secure?

We are currently in a world that is all things security. Knowing that, we must also figure out how we can better protect ourselves in the digitized world. If you aren’t talking to your customers about security, then someone else is.  The saying…

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How to get the Comstor EDGE in Business

Recently, Comstor hosted its annual EDGE conference, highlighting the latest offers from Comstor, coupled with go-to-market messaging from Cisco. Excitingly enough, there were also insights from the Global Security Sales Organization(GSSO) and the Cisco Hyperflex team. Historically, the EDGE team delivers more and…

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How Strong is Your Ring of Security?

This month, the EDGE360 editorial staff is focusing on the importance of cybersecurity, providing you with tips and strategies you can employ to ensure that your partners as well as their customers are as protected and knowledgeable as possible. To that end,…

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How to Stay Cyber Secure: Admitting You Need Help is the First Step

I am not an expert in security, let alone cybersecurity. Candidly, I have a great deal of difficulty discerning between outlandish media hype used to scare people versus real cybersecurity threats that we should actually be concerned about. But, I do know this: I…

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Looking Forward to 2016: What the Year Ahead Has in Store for Managed Services

2015 was a big year for managed services as more and more value-added resellers (VAR) came to the realization that they need to offer managed services to existing customers. For example, by incorporating more managed services into their suite of offerings, VARs…

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How to Build Relationships at the C-Level: Listen, Research, and Make it Personal 2

Your customers are at risk…..are you the reason why?

I have had my house broken into, my credit card ghosted and my email hacked. This in no way means I know anything more than you about security, but I will tell you without pause that it has changed the way I…

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