Recruiting Filters

Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? Recruiting Filters Don’t Understand Character, Intelligence and Drive

The use of recruiting filters is understandable given the number of candidates that may respond to a company’s online job announcements. Unfortunately, in the high-tech sector, many companies have abandoned the art of recruiting and are relying too heavily on automated systems…

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2017 VARs Predictions: Digitize, Refresh, Secure and Repeat

In an age of Internet of Everything (IoE), VARs need a strong focus on digital network architectures that are reliable, flexible, and secure, according to Dan Forbes, Comstor Director of Business Development. Recently, Dan sat down with us for a podcast on…

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Training Doesn’t Work: Sales Teams Need Dedicated Strength Coaches

To transform sales force performance, you must have individuals dedicated to working with and showing the sales force how to actually do it, as opposed to just training them in sales methodology, according to David McNicholas, Director of Comstor’s U.S. Strategic Business…

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