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Any Cisco partner knows there are numerous solutions to offer their customers that address a multitude of business needs and expectations. However, given the complexity of the Cisco ecosystem, it can be challenging for partners to have a thorough understanding of the full suite of offerings and what might be the perfect fit for any given customer.

As part of SYNNEX Comstor and Cisco’s dedication to help educate and inform IT resellers, the newest installment in the Cisco 101 webinar series, hosted by SYNNEX Comstor, will bring more quality content directly to partners. The next event in this series will focus on what members of the Cisco community need to know to connect potential partners with Cisco solutions to grow their business and empower their partners.

As more organizations and industries embrace the virtual and remote workplace ecosystem, Cisco partners are uniquely positioned to help new and existing partners connect with next-generation Cisco technology. Attendees will learn what Cisco solutions exist that partners can champion to answer end-users specific, workplace-oriented questions.

The webinar will be led by SYNNEX Comstor’s Shawn Motley, Director of Cisco Product Business Management, and Carissa Scholl, Manager of Cisco Enablement Programs. The two boast over 30 years of experience in business management and will make their expertise available for all attendees. Utilizing Motley and Scholl’s insights, partners will be equipped with tools and knowledge to become even more successful when selling and matching Cisco solutions to end-users and partners.

“Knowing exactly what tools are at your disposal is half the battle,” explained Scholl. “We’re here to make sure our partners know about everything in their toolkit and how to use them correctly to build a robust and profitable Cisco practice.”

To learn more about the Cisco 101 Webinar series and register for the event taking place on Thursday, December 3, at 2 p.m. Eastern, click here.