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In mid-March, Cisco updated its quoting and ordering process for Cisco Distribution and Cisco Channel Partners. The Cisco NET Pricing is an effort to simplify the process and provide greater visibility. SYNNEX Comstor, which was named both Global and Americas Cisco Distributor of the Year in 2020, has been in lock step with Cisco since the initiative launched. By implementing the NET Pricing system, they are able to service partners orders seamlessly.   

“At SYNNEX, we felt that it was important to implement Cisco NET Pricing immediately,” Dan Forbes explained. “We worked closely with Cisco and our IT team to engage and put this new model into place months ago and it has been fully integrated into our process ever since.”  

As Cisco’s year-end is quickly approaching, Forbes explained that making the commitment to embrace Cisco NET Pricing early offers a clear benefit for SYNNEX Comstor partners. He told us that SYNNEX Comstor was one of the first Cisco distributors to fully implement the system, and that having it in place for the past few months has offered a level of confidence for partners looking to get their deals “in the system” as the Cisco fiscal year closes.   

“Often, around this time of year, we see a frenzy of activity as partners turn to us to get orders into the system, taking advantage of Cisco pricing incentives and rebates,” Forbes explained. During this time of heightened activity, it is not the time to worry about system glitches or updating the process of how a deal is put into the system. “That is why SYNNEX took the initiative to start early so that we were prepared to serve our partners during these past few months and as they head into Cisco’s year end,” Forbes said.   

With the changes implemented, SYNNEX can offer partners expertise in Cisco NET pricing to ensure:  

  • Increased order processing efficiency  
  • Accelerated Cisco revenue recognition  
  • Enhanced visibility into orders  
  • Improved working capital  

“For partners that are looking to work with an experienced distributor for simplified and seamless ordering under Cisco’s new guidelines, we are here to help,” Forbes concluded. “With year-end quickly approaching, we recommend that partners begin reaching out now to start the conversation with us.”  

Not sure what Cisco NET pricing is?  Contact your SYNNEX Comstor account manager for more details.