The SYNNEX Comstor Enablement Portal: The Secret to Becoming a Cisco Master


Any member of the Cisco community will tell you that the Cisco ecosystem is complex and robust. This is why a strong relationship with distributors like SYNNEX Comstor is crucial for Cisco partners as they build up their practice. To equip partners with the right knowledge about Cisco offerings, SYNNEX Comstor has developed several tools, available exclusively to their partners, that help create the strong foundation necessary to flourish in the Cisco ecosystem. A new tool that SYNNEX Comstor partners can proudly wield is the SYNNEX Comstor Enablement Portal, a Cisco Learning Management System (LMS).

The SYNNEX Comstor Enablement Portal is a complimentary LMS that grants partners access to a wide variety of on-demand Cisco trainings with a “materials and courses” library that’s regularly updated with the latest best practices. It covers a large range of Cisco categories including (but not limited to) security, collaboration, data center, networking, and Meraki.

An element that makes the Enablement Portal stand out as an engaging resource for partners is the gamification component, incentivizing partners to regularly interact with the portal. The top five participants that complete the most courses over a month’s time will be rewarded with a prize – a classic incentive tactic that keeps users motivated as they continue their ongoing education about Cisco and familiarize themselves with the LMS.

“Why shouldn’t the learning process be fun for our partners?” asked Carissa Scholl, SYNNEX Comstor’s Enablement Programs Project Manager for Cisco Business Development. “SYNNEX Comstor prides itself on prioritizing strong, trusting relationships with our partners, and with an engaging platform like the Enablement Portal, we can continue to deliver on that expectation.”

You can learn more about interacting with the SYNNEX Comstor Enablement Portal in the video below or reach out to


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