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The term marketing has evolved drastically over the years. Just five years ago marketing roles were often based in sales more than actual marketing. Today, organizations employ teams of marketers with various specialties such as graphic design, analytics, events promotion/logistics. If organizations have the ability and means, they are now employing individuals who specialize in social media marketing. VARs need to consider how they approach marketing in their own organizations.

You may think, “why would a company hire one person just to post random information on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etcetera?”

Well, today’s generations live on social media platforms. They get their news, social interactions, and even employment through these channels. People want immediate gratification, and they want to be connected.

VARs can benefit from this digitized world by taking advantage of the ease to post information on their products and  services, promote their events, and answer customer support concerns. VARs can build their brand awareness and reputation exclusively online if they so choose. All it takes is the salary of one individual who is invested in their work and dedicated to sharing their employer’s information.

One aspect that is regularly ignored or forgotten is social listening. Social listening is just as, if not more important than posting content. Customers want to feel heard – this is handled simply by responding or resharing. In addition, negative feedback can be handled quickly to protect your brand’s reputation. Customers are more loyal to brands that handle complaints in a timely manner.

Social listening is a two-way street. It provides the marketer with opportunities to learn what their audience wants to learn about, thus improving the customer experience. New customers can be easily targeted through social sharing and listening. By offering unique, educational, or informative material new customers may find your brand through social channel searches.

In the IT industry, many distributors offer marketing programs that can assist partners in this endeavor, and software solutions that enable them to utilize one portal for all  their social sharing and listening. Check with your distributor to see if your organization qualifies for their marketing program.