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If you aren’t talking to your customers about security, then someone else is.  However, despite its importance, many value-added resellers just don’t know how to sell into the security space. Comstor is offering three exclusive opportunities to help turn your sales and engineering teams into Cisco Security powerhouses.

During two Comstor Security Initiative (CSI) Workshops this April and May, Bryant G. Tow, a 20-year cyber security expert, author, and researcher, will help our partners better understand the security space, jumpstart your security practices, and put you ahead of the competition.

Tow will be joined by an active FBI Special Agent who will share real-life cases and best practices to shed light on today’s complex threat landscape. Together, they will show Comstor partners how to create a framework and strategies for a successful Cisco Security practice.

Your sales and engineering teams will learn:

  • A better understanding of the current and evolving threat landscape
  • How hackers operate today to gain access to sensitive information
  • Comstor’s Executive Threat strategy and why we are making cyber security a top priority
  • How Comstor’s Executive Relevance Selling can change your business
  • The Cisco security message
  • Best practices for selling Cisco products and solutions
  • Tips on how to position your business and yourself as an expert in cyber security
  • Cisco security architecture
  • Comstor Security resources and tools

Comstor would like to host you and your teams and help turn you into a Cisco Security powerhouse. Join me, Tow, and Comstor executives in Colorado at one of the following two-day sessions:

  • Session 1: April 19-20
  • Session 2: May 12-11
  • Session 3: May 12-13

This is a complimentary event, so space is very limited. Contact me at to learn more! And, to learn more about Comstor’s Federal Channel, register for the Comstor Federal Summit today!


This post authored by Kevin Pistorius, Comstor Security Product Manager.