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Cisco Live! 2021 took place last month and the channel is still buzzing with many of the innovations that will help VARs and Cisco partners connect with end-users more easily than ever. While there were many updates from the channel shared at the event, EDGE360’s editors wanted to recap some of the biggest news and events that came out of the conference. With hours of content readily available on the Cisco Live! site, there is no shortage of content to revisit but the true belle of the ball was the recently announced Cisco SecureX.

SecureX is, at its core, is a reworking of the entire catalog of Cisco security products. Prior security items from Cisco sometimes confused end-users who may not have known exactly what the product was that they needed. In the interest of assisting partners, SecureX features new branding and packaged products to help VARs and partners to connect end-users to the products that they need.

However, SecureX is so much more than a reworked presentation. It also includes new and innovative approaches to cyber-infrastructures that can boost productivity, reduce the number of human hours committed to SecOps and NetOps, create larger returns on investments, and multiply the value of Cisco solutions. 

VARs and Cisco partners understand that there are legitimate concerns about cybersecurity as more workplaces move toward remote work on a more permanent basis. Creating systems that enable and protect workstreams is a critical component of the future of the IT channel. Utilizing systems like Cisco SecureX, end-users can be put at ease knowing that major security concerns are addressed with the right guidance.

With how the channel is adapting to the new cybersecurity threats, the move to Cisco SecureX represents Cisco’s desire to address cybersecurity concerns head-on. VARs and Cisco Partners must understand the new products and how they can best use them to create new business and bolster existing partnerships, something that Cisco Live! focused on throughout the event. 

One specific aspect of SecureX that can directly address the concerns and needs of the channel is SecureX Orchestration. Simply put, it is a system that enables a response at machine-like speeds by setting a sequence of actions in motion that brings together many different technologies to address potential cyberattacks. End-users feel secure knowing that they can create a system that monitors and limits any damage in moments. Of course, to best utilize those systems, VARs and Cisco partners can offer their expertise on how to best address and mitigate cyberattacks.

In the end, Cisco Live! presented the channel with Cisco’s latest developments and innovations that will empower VARs and partners to bring reliable cybersecurity to their users. As an industry, IT needs to embrace and address the realities of the day. End-users need to be able to trust their tech to safeguard them in the event of an attack. Utilizing the lessons learned from Cisco Live! will help VARs provide tangible solutions that will boost and establish new revenue opportunities, and provide end-users with reliable, state-of-the-art tech.

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