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Finally, we are out with the old and in with the new with CCW-R. As you might be aware, Cisco is leaving the headache of the CSCC renewal quoting tool behind! For the last six months, Comstor has been working with Cisco on the new CCW-R tool adoption.  The new features of the tool make this an exciting time for Comstor and our partners.

CCW-Renewals expands the Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) platform, enabling scalability for new business models and increased productivity. The biggest improvement you will notice with the tool is that it is extremely simple and more user friendly. CCW-R is easily navigable and the quoting process is logical, starting with the search functionality.

To start creating a renewal quote, all you need to do is search serials, contracts, or even end-user information. Once you have started your quote, easy filtering options make using CCW-R a breeze. To the left of your screen on the items tab you will be able to filter by product numbers, service levels, specific begin and end dates, site information, contract number, and even line type.

The filter option also makes for easier error resolution. Instead of having a separate section that shows more errors then necessary, the CCW-R tool automatically reveals any errors that will prevent validation — so at the end of the quoting process you have a valid quote.

With CCW-R, you are not able to select information that would not allow validation. One example is service levels that are not eligible for certain products. In CCW-R, you can easily remove minor lines from the quote without needing to open a support case. Also, all quote validation is done online, which speeds the process greatly — no more waiting for offline validation to come back.

Creating takeovers in CCW-R is now easier than ever for our partners. In CCW-R, resellers that do not own serials will still be able to view basic information. The serial and contract will populate even if you don’t own it; however, some information will still be restricted. From viewing this information, it is then easy to turn it into a valid quote.

Once you have a valid quote, sharing the quote is easy. Resellers will automatically have access to the quotes Comstor creates for them. With all these great benefits of the new quoting tool that Cisco has adopted, it is time to get going on all your renewals!

Allison Pretak is a Comstor Services IBDM Manager. She can be reached at 303-222-4776 or