Refreshing Endpoints are Vital for Up-to-Date Security


If you are part of an organization that has collaboration solutions as part of its business, you are likely ahead of the curve in developing a more connected team. It also is probable that your organization has many endpoints that require maintenance, management, and a refresh. Earlier this month, we sat down with Shawn Motley, Comstor’s Senior Product Manager of Cisco collaboration architecture, to discuss trends in collaboration. In today’s podcast, Motley discusses why refreshing communication endpoints is important for ease of use, effective collaboration, and perhaps most importantly, security.

For example, as the Cisco 7900 series phones reach their end-of-life, there will no longer be software updates or refreshes available for them. As Motley points out, that could impact security. “Cisco does a great job of updating software as new threats emerge,” he explained, “but that is coming to an end for the 7900 series, which could pose a problem when new security threats come out.”

Another key factor in upgrading to newer communications technologies, according to Motley, is the fact that the “days of just having a phone call are coming to an end.” More people expect face-to-face communication, he explained, and said that lower costs for bandwidth coupled with equipment that can handle greater bandwidth are also pushing collaboration technologies such as Cisco’s WebEx and Spark offerings.

Motley and his team are fully versed in how to support partners who have customers that are looking to migrate from older technologies. They can also help partners take advantage of accelerators Cisco makes available for deeper discounts. “Comstor will take you step-by-step to help your end customers reduce costs for an upgrade to an easier to use collaboration technology more quickly,” he shared.

Listen to the full podcast below.


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