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This time of year is special for millions of people across the country, and while it may seem odd to point out such a well-established fact, the editorial team here at EDGE360 Online, along with our partners across the IT Channel, all feel strongly that we have a tremendous amount of things to be thankful for this year. Among them all, the most important has been the spirit of giving that has permeated so many of our colleagues, partners, and organizations who made 2022 one of the most successful years for charity across the channel.

This year alone, TD SYNNEX Share the Magic Colorado saw upwards of $125,000 worth of charitable donations during the Share the Magic Events and the Ragnar Race, among other events. The amount raised showcases the commitment that the channel has to help those in need, from the Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation to the Hope for the Warriors.

“It is incredibly important to use the collective power of our people and our partnerships to give back,” Jay Denton, Senior Vice President, Global Partner Executive at TD SYNNEX told EDGE360 Online. Denton, who also serves as the Board Chair for Share the Magic Colorado noted that the principles of “servant leadership” prioritize executives to always consider how they can benefit their communities and encourage charity across the channel.

This sentiment was shared by Kira Moore, Sales Manager for Security Solutions at TD SYNNEX. Moore noted that charitable events like the Ragnar Race “bring runners from all different groups to compete in the name of raising funds for charity.” In the end, while the competition is fun, the real reward is seeing the help that the funds can provide.

This Thanksgiving, EDGE360 Online, our partners in TD SYNNEX, and everyone across the channel should take a moment to reflect on the many things we all are thankful for this year and to look for opportunities in the coming months to join arms together in the name of charity across the channel.

To learn more about how to support Share the Magic Colorado, please reach out to the STM-CO coordinator, Kelli Crannell, at or click here.