Are You Ready for HyperFlex? Help Customers Embrace Digital Networks


Earlier this spring, I wrote about Cisco’s new HyperFlex Systems, which combines software-defined storage and data services software with Cisco Unified Communications to get the most out of the network. With more applications than ever, we know customers are looking for a simplified way to manage the digital demands on their network. HyperFlex eases the burden and addresses this customer pain-point.

Hyperconvergence is forecasted to be a $15B+ market by 2020 with the majority of the growth coming from traditional storage such as SAN and NAS. Now, there is an opportunity for Comstor partners to take advantage of this growth market and quote/resell HyperFlex to help their customers more effectively manage their digital networks to meet current and future business demands. In today’s environment customers are asking for:

  • An end-to-end solution that helps organization move fast and achieve digital transformations.
  • Keep data optimized and infrastructure aligned with application requirements.
  • Be ready for expanding range of applications and operating models.

Current use cases for hyperconvergence solutions include:

  • Moving to a virtual desktop infrastructure environment for low investment, consistent performance, and predictable scaling.
  • Embracing server virtualization to reduce operational complexity, adaptive scaling, and always-on resiliency.
  • Managing large remote branch offices, leveraging simple deployment, centralized management, and no “fly and fix” missions.

Interested in learning more? Partners are invited to join us for an exclusive WebEx HyperFlex training on Tuesday, November 8, to better understand the benefits, architecture, deployment, and configuration. Click here to register now.


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