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As we learned in our last podcast with Larry Allen of Allen Federal Business Partners, there is still time to make sales into the federal government before the fiscal year ends. The common misperception is that all federal sales must be completed by the end of August. The reality is, there is plenty of money still on the table through the end of September.

It can be overwhelming to determine the most efficient ways to take advantage of the billions still available to value-added resellers (VARs) who want to sell Cisco technology to federal agencies. In this interview, Allen provides knowledge and strategy for making the most out of the millions still up for bid this Q4.

Allen describes the importance of stand-alone contracts, such as the GSA, in which Comstor participates. The GSA is just one example of an IDIQ that agencies can access at any time that are designed to make it easier for procurement officers to make purchases from companies that already meet government requirements.  Allen suggests having at least one, and, preferably, two of these at your disposal, since as much as 35 percent of all multiple award business is done in Q4.

He also highly recommends that VARs ensure they are representing themselves as small businesses, veteran owned, service disabled or women owned as appropriate. “You should be actively marketing this at this time of year,” Allen said. “If you have a partner that is a small business, then you should market that/capitalize on it,” because most agencies have to have a percentage of business from these types of businesses.

In addition to resources available through Comstor EDGE, Allen suggests looking at federal agency websites to learn which contract vehicles they use and learning more from other sources, such as Federal News Radio, Washington Technology, and Federal Computer Week.

To hear all that Allen shared with EDGE360 about contract vehicles for selling to the federal government, listen to the podcast below.