One Step in Reverse, Two Steps Forward


The icemaker in my fridge was dying.

I knew it was time for a new refrigerator, but outside of poking around online, I was too hesitant to actually pull the trigger (since when did refrigerators get so expensive anyway!?!).

After some research, I finally made it to a couple of stores. I found myself struggling between choosing one of two Big Box shops. They both had the same products for the most part. It really all came down to whether I wanted the receipt to be orange at the top or blue, I suppose.

Until the salesman at the Blue-store asked me: What are you doing with your old fridge?

Um…I don’t know? That issue is what has sort of been delaying this whole process. I do many things reasonably well, but logistically figuring out how to get rid of big old fixtures like my fridge was not one of them.

But…the Blue-store included picking up my old fridge in their deal. That meant no calls to the recycling folks to cart it off or a desperate ad on craigslist.

Done. Blue-store wins. I bet the other store could have done that too, however, the Blue-store wins by helping me minimize expenses and- most importantly- thinking ahead for me. What the salesman really asked was: how can I make your life easier?

By going beyond just asking me if I eat more meats or vegetables, the Blue-store was able to differentiate their sales model and secure my business.

I should have made the connection though. It’s similar to Comstor’s Reverse Logistics Services. Reverse Logistic Services is not only a huge value that Comstor offers partners, but it’s one that has been enabling partners to—whether blue, orange or chartreuse—win more deals and win them more efficiently.

Comstor Logistics Services—configuration uploads, testing, integration, and more—certainly increase partners’ efficiency and profitability. However, our Reverse Logistics provide end users with solutions that others don’t, solutions that help your client beyond just the actual products’ primary intended use. Now we’re talking and…now, they’re listening!

Speaking of talking and listening, here’s a great example of how Reverse Logistics Services work.

A few weeks ago, I received the following inquiry from a Cisco partner:

“We’re proposing a Cisco solution to a large end user. Not sure how the others are bidding, but if we can get rid of all their old gear, I bet we can win. Can you help us with this?”

Boom. Now you’re thinking. A week after that discussion, I received this email from him:

“That was the difference maker. Talk about a way to change the playing field…it turns out what to do with all the old gear was weighing on them so much that it had caused them to drag their feet on the project. With your Reverse Logistics, we essentially created the opportunity.”

For one partner, this freed their energy up so much that the client actually started ordering more from that partner. More products, more Cisco services, more professional services, and so on. A win—win.

It was clear to that client that this partner was serious about partnering with them to make their business better. That’s one reason why Comstor developed these services. We don’t just want your business, we want your business to be successful. Shipping your boxes…meh.

What we’re really talking about is implementing a change in the way you go to market. We’re enabling you to compel more clients to do more and to do it more quickly, while you do it more efficiently and more cost effectively. These steps allow you to be more competitive in the marketplace and to retain more margins. It’s there. It’s real. And, it’s really cool. Really.

So, don’t just ask your partner to drop off a refrigerator, ask them how you can make their life easier, and you might even get to upsell the model with the fancy ice maker and veggie crisper…and an on-going filter replacement contract.

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