NterOne Helps Cisco Partners Tap into the Power of VR Training for Data Centers


With the high level of complexity and nuance that comes with being part of the Cisco community, the ability to offer comprehensive, intuitive, and modern training options is a big differentiator for any distributor. This goal is a core component of the award-winning EDGE Progression Program from SYNNEX Comstor. This program has received positive recognition by offering a robust suite of end-to-end practice-building programs with built-in SYNNEX Comstor expertise and a focus on partner enablement in sales, marketing, training, distribution, professional services, and finance.

Offerings like the EDGE Progression Program are made possible with strong partnerships like the one between SYNNEX Comstor and NterOne. NterOne works closely with SYNNEX Comstor to create a training and education environment for Cisco partners that leverages leading technology for the overall benefit of the Cisco ecosystem.

“All of these partners are working toward the same goal: To provide top-notch service for their customers,” explained Anthony Hamilton, CEO at NterOne, in a recent interview with EDGE360. “We strive to build an ecosystem that bolsters the resources available to achieve that goal.”

NterOne and SYNNEX Comstor are ramping up one such approach for the Cisco partner community, and that is the application of virtual reality (VR) in the training process, specifically in a data center setting. Using NterOne’s ClearConnect app and Oculus headsets provided by SYNNEX Comstor, partners are afforded customized “hands-on” training before having to set foot in a data center.

“This is a uniquely valuable option for our partners in that students can more easily familiarize themselves with these multi-million-dollar data center configurations without needing physical access to them,” noted Carissa Scholl, Manager of Cisco Enablement Programs for SYNNEX Comstor. “They are able to gain that knowledge and skillset before it has even drop shipped. That approach not only helps better prepare students ahead of time but also protects the massive monetary investment that is a new data center.” These VR classes have been well-received by the Cisco community thus far, according to Hamilton and Scholl, with recent classes filling up in record times.

Beyond cutting-edge training technology, NterOne helps Cisco partners pursue new sales opportunities with a deep bench of engineering support and expertise, complete with DSI, Mint, and Platinum Learning Partner badges. “NterOne helps partners fill those gaps on the engineering side and, in turn, helps them find opportunities that might not typically be in their wheelhouse,” stated Scholl. “From there, they are able to roll out and replicate those programs and really bolster their sales pipeline.”

Hamilton and Scholl encourage partners to engage with the initiatives from SYNNEX Comstor in the near future:

  • The launch of the EDGE Focus Tool App, estimated to launch in Cisco’s Q1 2022
  • The VR Executive Partner Summit, taking place in Cisco’s Q2 2022
  • The next iteration of VR training focused on IoT, estimated to launch in Cisco’s Q3 2022
  • A focus on proof of concepts and proof of value around professional services throughout 2022

To learn more about any and all of these updates with the EDGE Progression Program, reach out directly to Scholl and her team at EDGEPrograms@synnex.com.


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