Meraki Unleashed with SYNNEX: New EDGE Partners Webinar


A reliable network is more critical than ever, especially in today’s new hybrid environment. Organizations often struggle to maintain their networks with fewer resources and a smaller IT department. With the ongoing digital transformation initiatives and demands for a seamless hybrid work environment, however, there is more pressure than ever on IT departments to provide a more seamless and scalable solution. That’s where Meraki comes in with both simplicity and scalability through its cloud-managed platform.

During the past year and a half, the IT department, regardless of size, has been a hero of any given organization, working around the clock to ensure a remote work experience with network connectivity, security, and collaboration. Today, many are looking at IT departments to define what the new work solutions will look like to enable a seamless hybrid work environment. Many IT organizations, regardless of size, leverage cloud-based networking and security solutions that allow them to scale up and down, as needed, while they respond to alerts and notifications of potential security issues.

As the future of the workplace evolves, the SYNNEX Comstor team offers a new webinar for EDGE partners to learn more about unleashing the latest Meraki solutions. Anthony Belcher, SYNNEX Comstor Field Sales Engineer, will share with Cisco partners an overview of how to run a network with a small IT department with the feel of a very scalable and complex solution. He will demonstrate how to create a smarter workspace by interfacing with Meraki technologies and optimizing business with the single pane of glass cloud management that Meraki has to offer.

Please join us for the next session of the SYNNRX Comstor webinar series:

Topic: Meraki Unleashed with SYNNEX

Date: Wednesday, August 25

Time: 2 p.m. Eastern

“The Meraki platform is simple and easy to use,” Belcher explained. “The dashboard gives IT teams the flexibility and support they needed to quickly add new locations and manage network settings from anywhere.”

Now, as the remote workforce is in a new place of maturity, the demand for connectivity, security, and collaboration is even further elevated. Meraki cloud-based network solutions continue to answer the call with cloud-based network visibility and control that can be incorporated with more than 170 third-party apps to address whatever business challenge the organization is facing.

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