NCSAM: Cisco Prepares Today for Tomorrow’s Cyber Security Threats


National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) is here and throughout the month of October, we’ll be covering cyber security in depth on EDGE360. We’ll share insights into the current cyber security landscape, offer tips and best practices for resellers, and also showcase expert opinions in our newest EDGE360 Cyber Risk Podcast Series.

John Stewart, Cisco SVP Chief Security and Trust Officer

This week, we are featuring the expert advice of John Stewart, SVP Chief Security and Trust Officer, at Cisco. In conjunction with NCSAM, Stewart recently wrote a blog about how we can prepare today for tomorrow’s threats, especially in today’s hyper-connected environment. In the post, he discusses a few things that must be done now and in the future in order to be prepared for the next wave of attacks. They include:

  • A Commitment to Cyber Security. To capture the benefits of this digital age, Stewart says, “cyber security must be sewn tightly into the fabric of every organization and business process. It has to be a mindset that permeates governments, businesses, and our lives.” To that end, Cisco is taking a more strategic approach to security and applying Unified Security Metrics that measure the security posture of an IT service, enable reporting and feedback, promote continuous improvement, and ensure better operational and business outcomes.
  • Change to Cyber Approach. According to Stewart, “Cyber security needs to be a cornerstone of our digital strategy and our business strategy. That’s why security is a strategic imperative at Cisco and pervasive across everything we do. It’s embedded strategically into our business operations, processes and polices, and how we educate our employees, customers, and partners around the globe.”
  • A Cyber Culture. Stewart believes we must drive greater opportunities for “diversity in cyber security and fill the skills gap.” With more than one million cyber security jobs across the globe being left unfulfilled, he says, “We need diverse thinking, diverse candidates, and a diverse workforce to fill these roles… We can’t possibly meet the needs of the digital age if only one in four STEM professionals are women, and less than half of them are focusing on security.”

Building a culture of cyber security is no easy feat, but it’s a critical move for organizations to thrive, not just survive, in this digital age and there are many ways for organizations to get there. Stewart advises, “Industry and government can help by partnering with learning institutions to raise awareness and promote available opportunities to train IT and security professionals, as well as the general public. Educators must continuously develop creative new training approaches that will prepare the next-generation workforce for the cyber security needs of the future.”

Want to learn more about cyber security best practices? New content will be posted weekly on EDGE360 and additional resources are available through National Cyber Security Awareness Month and Cisco’s Trust Center.


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