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Last year, offices around the world were faced with shutting their doors and turning their full-time workforce into a remote workforce. A year later, as we continue to deal with the global impacts of the pandemic, many organizations have discovered that the remote workforce will remain intact, at some level, for the long haul. 

While many in the IT channel rushed to provide their customers with the best solutions to enable the remote workforce, now is the time to consider the long-term needs to enable a secure, scalable, and seamless remote working environment. Cisco Meraki Remote Workforce solutions are helping organizations transform and embrace the “new normal” of the workforce by making IT more manageable, secure, and easy to maintain while helping employees become more productive.

We recently spoke with Ezequiel Rios, Product Business Manager for Cisco Meraki at SYNNEX Comstor, about how partners are adjusting and helping their customers prepare for the long haul. “When the pandemic started, many Cisco partners were taking advantage of the available incentives and promotions to help their customers manage their remote workforce,” he said. “We want these partners to understand that remote workforce solutions will be here to stay, and they should continue to take advantage of the active Meraki promotions that are available.”

This is especially important as organizations are now looking into how better to manage and secure their remote environments to give employees a trusted and reliable user experience. Systems and IT administrators are looking to Meraki to ease the burden of managing the networks and security for each of the remote workforce endpoints. “Now these admins can leverage templates or build their own template to configure network and security settings and then quickly apply them to each endpoint device, saving them considerable time,” Rios explained. “It’s a very scalable solution.”

Not only does it ease the burden on the IT department, but it also gives the employee a better user experience. “They now have the same level of security and network access that they would have if they were working at the office,” Rios said. As organizations start to develop hybrid workforce models, this level of flexibility and the ability to easily deploy and manage will be very important to ensure business productivity and continuity.

For partners and VARs looking to support their customers in achieving a long-term remote work environment, Rios recommended that they take advantage of the current Cisco Meraki Remote Workforce promotions and discounts on the complete MX and MI product series, hardware, and licensing. These discounts are in place through July 2021.

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