Meraki: For the SMB Looking to Grow IT Resources


For small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMB) in the IT reseller space, it can be difficult for value added resellers (VARs) to expand their offerings with limited resources. The Cisco Meraki program is a unique full cloud solution that offers VARs the opportunity to build their IT offerings without bringing on any employees or in-house resources.

To learn more about Meraki and this unique opportunity for VARs, we spoke to Ezequiel Rios, Business Development, Cisco Meraki at Westcon-Comstor Americas. “It’s out-of-band cloud architecture creates secure, scalable, and easy-to-deploy networks that can be managed from anywhere. This can be done from almost any device using the web-based Meraki Dashboard and the Meraki Mobile App,” said Rios. “This allows companies with scarce IT resources to continue to grow their IT practice without having to add hundreds of thousands of dollars in IT payroll, making Meraki especially good for the SMB space.”

To aid SMB resellers, Comstor is working to simplify the Meraki model by allowing for easy access to quotes and promotions in one place. “We have done this with two new initiatives, one of them is the launching of the Meraki Simplification Portal. This is a Comstor value-add website where partners log in with their Cisco CCOID and can get accurate fast-track pricing, see the latest Meraki promos, quote themselves, and find out the latest relevant information that Meraki puts out,” explained Rios.

Meraki 360 training, the second initiative, which takes place twice a month, is provided by Comstor for both partners and end-users. “This is an online training with one of our Meraki certified engineers and it’s around 4 hours,” said Rios. “The training will give Sales Engineers a full overview of Meraki products, the Dashboard and its capabilities. At the end of this four hour training, participants will have access to a LAB where they get to deploy an entire network on a live environment, where they will fully get to experience the simplicity model of Meraki.”

VARs who are looking to expand their IT offerings can use the Meraki program to increase IT resources with minimal additions to their current business.

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