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In the ever-growing IT channel, new hires can reveal a lot about the industry. Bringing their unique outsider perspective from their previous positions and experiences, they can often provide a view that many from the inside might not be able to see. This is especially important for those who are Business Development Managers (BDMs) or Product Business Managers (PBMs) as they work to help build bridges between all participants in the channel.  

EDGE360 recently spoke with two new hires whose previous experiences vary widely but who each possess a keen understanding of the future of the channel. These individuals are uniquely positioned to help Cisco Partners succeed in the new year with next-generation data centers and enterprise networking.

Aleeta Bell, Americas Distribution Sales BDM at Cisco

It was in the 9th grade that Aleeta Bell first was asked about her future, specifically what she would like to do in and after college. Though she initially wanted to work in medicine, a teacher took her aside and asked if she would ever consider engineering or mathematics. “I asked my teacher to explain more, and I am so grateful that she stopped me that day to ask that question.”

Bell quickly discovered her passion for technology and pivoted toward understanding all that she could. What she enjoys most is the challenge in simplifying the complex. “I love helping people easily consume a complicated technical topic, I want to help people better understand how tech can change their business for the better.”

Currently, Bell works with Cisco and helps distributors like SYNNEX Comstor educate partners on how they can maximize profits by selling Cisco products, including data center and enterprise networking solutions. In her field, she sees many ways for distributors to take advantage of trends that are driving business in the IT channel, but one of the biggest is enabling hybrid work. “Organizations are working to integrate remote working solutions with in-office solutions, and Cisco is ready and able to provide the tools that partners need to help.”

Will Scruggs, Product Business Manager for Cisco Enterprise Networking at SYNNEX Comstor

For Will Scruggs, a career with SYNNEX Comstor was a no-brainer. “After I graduated from the University of Colorado, I was looking to put my knowledge to work in an exciting and growing field. When SYNNEX acquired Westcon-Comstor, its office was right in my backyard, and I couldn’t have asked for a better situation for my career.”

After being hired and working closely with Marty Baldwin, SYNNEX Comstor Sales Director, Scruggs has spent the last few years working hard to understand the ways that tech is evolving. “What I enjoy most is watching the constant evolutions and changes in IT. Each new iteration, each new technology, it all goes toward serving us better and serving the environments we live and work in.”

In his current role, Scruggs works to help partners understand how they can leverage existing technology to provide the best level of service to their consumers. “My business is building yours; I work to help partners create a successful and profitable Cisco business around next-generation data centers and enterprise networking.” To do so, Scruggs simplifies the ins and outs of the solutions and “presents easily understandable formats” that make deciding which solutions to use easier.

Looking at the future, Scruggs stressed that the future is hybrid and that partners can use Cisco solutions to create competitive solutions and win business into the future. “COVID-19 changed the way the channel operated,” he said. “We have seen ourselves, our partners, and their end-users all embrace the hybrid work model. These changes have multiple effects that can be addressed, mitigated, or enhanced with Cisco tech. We also see the growth of 5G and Wi-Fi 6, which will likely play a larger role in the expanding needs of a network.” Thankfully, Scruggs noted, Cisco is prepared to meet those demands.