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Behind every technology, product, or solution, is a team of people who are experts in their field. And as a value-added-distributor, the people behind the scenes at Comstor are incredibly important to helping IT resellers create profitable business lines. They do this through programs designed to ease the process of onboarding, by creating training on new product lines or solutions, and by helping identify the right certifications and facilitate finding programs for certification. They play a vital role in Comstor’s support of its partners, which is why the EDGE360 editorial team has created a series of profiles to highlight these team members and their work.

Each week, we’ll feature a new person behind the business development and enablement programs at Comstor and Cisco. This week, we sat down with Carissa Scholl, Comstor’s Enablement Programs Project Manager for Cisco Business Development. Carissa has been a member of the Comstor team for nearly three years and has nine years of expertise in the field. She works with partners to help them navigate through Cisco and help maximize their profitability. In fact, that’s what keeps her excited about her role. “I am passionate about technology and enjoy working with partners,” she said.

How did you get started in this field and what excites you most about what you do?

I started with several internships in college, a couple being in Brazil, and was always given the flexibility to bring ideas and solutions to technology problems. I enjoy researching solutions and learning more how processes work.

I’ve found that being able to communicate and understand the initiatives is a key element for success. I started working for a private company focused on consulting and educating, using several platforms, after college. Technology and constantly learning are two of my passions. I enjoy complex problem-solving and providing solutions and options to customers. Today, I am always excited to see the evolution of change in the technology field.

Tell us about your role at Comstor and how you help partners.

We enable partners and help them navigate through Cisco technology and solutions. We help partners streamline processes and tailor their message around their business. In addition, we create opportunities and customize our approach to each partner. Most importantly we want to be a part of our partners’ journeys and to help them maximize their profitability with Cisco.

What advice do you have for partners who are looking to get started with Cisco today?

We have an awesome team with lots of resources and knowledge from the product managers, engineers, Cisco, and our team. Get us involved and lean on us for resources.