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As we approach the end of the calendar year, many decision-makers in the Cisco community are thinking about their path ahead for next year. And a big part of that plan is the services renewal process when Cisco partners and their customers assess which programs worked best for their practice and think about what other services will strengthen it moving forward.

A key tool for Cisco partners in the services renewal process is known to the Cisco community at TPV – Total Program View. TPV enables partners and distributors to leverage one convenient dashboard to access multiple pieces of data, including all upcoming and past renewals that are associated with them, any viable services attach opportunities, and rebates and incentive tracking. Access to a holistic view of customer programs is imperative to build a strong Cisco practice and delivering superior customer service.

“TPV is an invaluable tool that helps our partners ensure coverage for their Cisco practice by putting all the renewal information they need in front of them in one place,” stated Jake Deneault, Manager – Cisco Services Development Team and Product Manager III – CSEP at SYNNEX Comstor. “With all of this information at their disposal, partners and distributors are able to reliably plan for upcoming renewals.”

The services renewal process serves as a strategic time for partners to strengthen customer relationships and revisit how to help their end-users with the services that address their business needs best. By being able to easily see renewal history, potential supporting services, and rebates and incentives, Cisco partners can continue to showcase their value to end-users with a thoughtful services renewal plan of action.

Cisco partners can learn more about TPV by registering to attend this webinar here.