Learn How VARS Prepare for the Digital IT Tsunami


Have you noticed the volume of VAR owners selling their business in the last three years has escalated? Have you ever wondered WHY so many are selling their VAR businesses compared to years past?

As I observe this VAR selling stampede, it makes me think of wild animals that urgently run to higher ground 45 minutes before a tsunami makes landfall — while other animals sit around as if it is another day as usual. A technology VAR tsunami is upon us, it just hasn’t made landfall yet.

The tsunami is Digital IT, Internet of Everything (IOE) and Fast IT. The reason so many VARs are selling their businesses is they realize if they don’t completely change their entire business, they will be swallowed up by the tsunami.

As a result, they have decided to sell and urgently run to higher ground. In other words, they have chosen to exit. After all, all a VAR’s primary goal is to maximize shareholder value. For privately owned VARs, that translates to a lucrative exit strategy.

The Digital IT, IOE, Fast IT tsunami is on its way:

• Have you defined how your VAR business will connect to it?
• Have you clearly mapped a go-to-market strategy to connect your end-customers to it?
• Do you understand the connection all of this has to the value and future of your VAR business?

It’s time to get Connected. Many Comstor VARs will do just that when they attend Connect, the annual Westcon-Comstor business conference.

Attendees will get definitive, solid answers and actionable steps to prepare for the Digital IT tsunami directly from featured presenter James Vandervelden, Private Equity Principal Partner, Pleasant Bay Capital. Vandervelden and Pleasant Bay specialize in the high-tech VAR and vendor space.

Vandervelden will share which technology VAR strategies and offerings are commanding top dollar buy-outs and how to reconnect today’s VAR business to the new world of business-outcome-driven IT in new lucrative ways.

Most importantly, however, attendees will learn what moves to make — and not make. Join us at Connect.


  • David McNicholas

    With more than 15 years of success leveraging a sales methodology that weighs technology solution against financial investment, business outcome, and corporate growth goals, David McNicholas has created an Executive Relevance Selling (ERS) approach that has proven successful for many sales teams. ERS is a formal, comprehensive approach to empowering resellers to sell profitable solutions into sophisticated, competitive markets, growing revenues and profits by 20%+ through investment-centric quantifiable business outcome assessments. David regularly shares best practices and advice on how to grow your business.

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