IT Trends for Federal Agencies


What can Value-Added Resellers expect as they begin to explore contracts with federal agencies? There are many changes on the horizon. To best prepare for federal buying season, VARs should familiarize themselves with the biggest trends in the IT industry.

The IT industry is set to reach a $5 trillion value in 2019, according to research by IDC. Trends are evolving the industry with waves of innovation powering technology growth. The United States is the largest tech market in the world representing over 31 percent or $1.6 trillion for 2019. The majority of the spending stems from government entities, offering VARs a large window of opportunity.

“We recognize the multi-cloud world, we recognize the power of unlocking data for our customers,” said Nick Michaelides, Cisco Vice President of Federal Sales, at the recent Comstor Executive Federal Summit. For VARs looking to expand their sales opportunities, the government is the largest consumer of IT in the U.S.

The global information technology industry is paced to grow anywhere from 1.5 to 6.4 percent this year. This is a much broader forecast than past years and could point to a global slowdown in demand. What could be causing this? The information technology space is broken down into five markets that may see a decrease in spending due to government strain and budget issues. These markets include hardware, software, and services, telecom services, and emerging technologies such as drones, IoT, and AI.

For VARs to sell successfully, they should focus on the trends projected to meet the needs of federal agencies that will receive funding. It’s never too early for VARs to explore federal buying season. Those looking to jump in should focus on the trends below:

Cloud, Edge and 5G
• AI and IoT evolving Ambient Computing
• Distributed technology models changing existing models
• Stackable technologies
• Emerging technology sparking sales channel reinvention
Customer experience is key
Partnerships bridge gaps
• Tech-worker shortage causing creative solutions
• Digital-human models shaping the workplace
• Strategic IT
• Vertical market focus


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