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Protecting networks, devices, and organization assets are constantly evolving challenges that have IT departments and their technology partners on their toes, trying to stay abreast with the latest developments. During National Cyber Security Awareness Month, it is important to identify all the organizations who are in this together and helping to protect against the latest cyberthreat. Infranet Technologies Group is one organization that is doing its part and leveraging the SYNNEX Comstor EDGE partner programs to extend its Cisco security practice and continue to educate its team on the latest security tools and advancements.

EDGE Partner Programs

The EDGE360 team connected with Garth Wermter, CTO for Infranet Technologies Group, which is an IT firm focused on network solutions and managed services for business-critical network infrastructures. Wermter has a particular interest in cybersecurity, networking, and data center solutions that help customers improve their business operations. Wermter served as the senior IT consultant to the 9/11 Commission and participated in the National Commission on Federal Election Reform as well as the Markle Task Force on National Security in the Information Age, so he understands the importance of cybersecurity best practices and how to protect critical assets and infrastructure.

Understanding that every organization has a part to play in staying educated on the cybersecurity landscape and evolving threats, Infranet became a SYNNEX Comstor EDGE partner a few years ago and participates in all of the progression programs that align with Infranet’s core competencies, including Collaboration, Data Center, Networking, Meraki, and Security.

“The EDGE partner programs provide us with simple, easy-to-follow roadmaps for extending our Cisco partnership,” Wermter explained. “Although we maintain several advanced specializations with Cisco, we find the EDGE programs helpful in keeping our sales and technical staff focused on practical business objectives. As a result, we are better engaged with both Cisco and SYNNEX and are able to grow our sales and technical knowledge.”

Through the EDGE Progression Programs for partners, SYNNEX Comstor offers support to help companies like Infranet achieve Cisco Select Status, perform a security proof of value or demo, or leverage free assessment tools, Wermter explained. As Infranet began to build its cybersecurity practice, it incorporated the EDGE Security Progression program steps into its business development objectives. “We have been able to systematically enrich our knowledge and understand the needs of existing and potential customers while also maintaining growth momentum,” Wermter noted.

Even during the global pandemic, Wermter explained that the EDGE programs have kept Infranet focused. “We have taken advantage of the regular EDGE webinars to keep up with relevant news and training, not just for seasoned veterans but also new employees and account executives or engineers who are cross-training in a new subject area. The promotions associated with EDGE are also helpful in providing business incentives to continue with the programs.”

This is especially critical as Infranet seeks to educate customers on how to protect against the latest cybersecurity threats that have grown more abundant during the pandemic. “Infranet has seen a huge increase in complex, persistent, and targeted attacks that intend to cost businesses money, either directly through theft or indirectly through ransom,” Wermter told us. “Many attacks focus on identity: Masquerading as a trusted contact, such as spoofing a manager’s identity and asking a finance employee to ‘update’ a vendor’s payment details; or assuming an employee’s identity and using it to either steal or encrypt the data that employee can access.”

“Without the EDGE programs, we wouldn’t have been able to ramp up our cybersecurity solutions quickly enough to respond to our customers’ needs,” Wermter reflected.

With a mission to help its customers #BeCyberSmart, Wermter understands that no one solution will be the answer and it’s critical to understand each customer’s environment holistically. “Cybersecurity is a protective umbrella across an organization’s information, so it requires a comprehensive understanding of the environment. For clients to #BeCyberSmart, they should implement relevant and reliable services and configure and manage them appropriately,” he said. “Infranet’s partnerships with SYNNEX Comstor and Cisco enable us to bring complete solutions to our customers’ cybersecurity problems.”

Wermter concluded by offering advice for other partners looking to help end users develop good IT practices with a layered approach to cybersecurity. “With an increased focus by both governments and customers on cybersecurity, most businesses are expected or required to shore up the security of their Information Systems,” he said. “There is a market opportunity for advanced technology providers like Infranet who have already made or are making the investment to develop cybersecurity solutions for businesses. And for firms that are just starting to build expertise, the EDGE programs offer a roadmap and a way to get started.”