Infographic: 4 Tips to Help Bolster SMB Cybersecurity Efforts Against Growing Threats


Security breaches, ransomware attacks, phishing schemes, and other online threats are happening so frequently in today’s environment that it’s not a matter of if an attack will occur, but when. Unfortunately, in 2020, more and more small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have been targeted than ever before. That is why during National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), we are featuring insights, trainings, and tips for the VAR community to help their customers prepare, mitigate, and quickly respond to these cyber-attacks.  

Cisco recently created an infographic that outlines how their security solutions can help customers quickly identify and respond to incidents, even in a remote environment where there is more surface area to protect and develop a comprehensive SMB cybersecurity approach.  

In a recent interview on EDGE360, Evan Bell, Product Business Manager for Cisco Security at SYNNEX Comstor, told us how challenging it was to stand up proper security controls as so many workers are now remote, which has resulted in a number of new devices connecting into the network. “That’s why SYNNEX Comstor is working with partners to educate them on Cisco’s powerful end-to-end security portfolio and how to implement these tools combined with proven security practices. We want to make it easier for the partner community to do their part,” he told us.  

Four tips for creating a stronger SMB cybersecurity posture include: 

  1. Verify Identity: “Cisco offers multi-factor authentication to verify that identity when DUO is implemented on the endpoint device,” Bell told us. “This verifies the user, the device, and access to the application.” 
  1. Prevent Access: Employees are accessing the network from unsecure Internet connections using multiple devices. Detect and block devices that have viruses or malware by using endpoint protection solutions.  
  1. Secure Email: Phishing attempts are on the rise, especially in the post-pandemic environment. Employees are stressed and in a new remote environment without the training and controls they may have had in-person. Use the right security tools to block these attempts.  
  1. Defend the Network: “Defending a remote network requires a different way of thinking now that employees are not behind their corporate network,” Bell said. Cisco solutions allow IT departments to block access to sites that host malware.  

The SYNNEX Comstor team is doing their part to educate partners about the increase of threats to SMBs through trainings, sharing best practices, and tips. To learn more about how the EDGE Progression Program team can help you better bolster your customers’ security efforts while building your Cisco Security Practice, contact SYNNEX Comstor’s Product Business Management team at

Click here to view the full infographic sharing these SMB cybersecurity tips.

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