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Recently, Comstor hosted its annual EDGE conference, highlighting the latest offers from Comstor, coupled with go-to-market messaging from Cisco. Excitingly enough, there were also insights from the Global Security Sales Organization(GSSO) and the Cisco Hyperflex team.

Historically, the EDGE team delivers more and more industry relevant insight and fun each year, leaving attendees wondering how the team will outdo itself. This year was no different with the conference once again getting all of the elements just right and exceeding expectations.

The content was crisp with highlights on Security; how to engage with Cisco and what the reality of that space is right now for Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) and organizations concerned about Security. Unfortunately, the threat landscape is real.

But, Cisco’s architecture is the best it’s ever been with solutions like the Digital Ready Network. Comstor business strategies, insight into Services, as well as professional services rounded out the content delivered. The industry feedback presented was extraordinary.

Those of you that travel and attend industry events can probably attest that all too often we find ourselves in lovely locations, only to see the airport, a conference room, and the odd bar or two following the day’s events. However, Comstor EDGE made the most of its location in beautiful Key Largo Florida, by providing relevant business content through the morning and embracing the location in the afternoon with a variety of recreational activities for attendees.

Hosted at the ultra-exclusive Ocean Reef Club, Comstor’s guests had the opportunity to spend several days soaking it all in while building relationships and enjoying the best that the resort had to offer, from boating and fishing to kayaking, to playing Golf and enjoying the Spa.

To learn how you can take advantage of the Comstor EDGE and find yourself soaking in great industry leading content, click HERE. You too can get the Comstor EDGE!