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The last few weeks of Cisco’s year end is hectic for many in the Cisco ecosystem. As the fiscal year ends, value added resellers (VARs) are busy getting in their final deals, and sometimes these orders are larger than what they typically see during the entire year. As everyone jumps in to support the final sales, it is critical for distribution partners to be there every step of the way.

Dan Forbes, Senior Director of Field Sales at SYNNEX Comstor, recently told us that communications between a VAR and disti-partner  is key to ending the year successfully. But what if the VAR is not sure who to contact within the distribution organization?

We recently connected with Marty Baldwin, Sales Director for SYNNEX Comstor, who manages the organization’s Inside Sales team. Baldwin, who has been with the organization for three years and a part of the call center industry for 23 years prior to joining the SYNNEX Comstor team, shares with us some tips for VARs looking to connect and get the best incentives and deals for year end.

EDGE360 Editors: Tell us about the SYNNEX Comstor Inside Sales team and what they offer for resellers.

SYNNEX Comstor
Marty Baldwin, Sales Director for SYNNEX Comstor

Marty Baldwin: We are a one-stop-shop that’s here to help you grow your Cisco business profitably! We have a team of Cisco experts who can help with pricing, quoting, ordering, deal registration, SMARTnet renewal management, inventory position, project rollouts, pre-buys, and product and architecture knowledge. We also help with delivered services such as labelling, integrations, staging, logistics, burn-in testing, and lab work.

EDGE360 Editors: How can a reseller best utilize your team during these last few weeks of Cisco Year’s End?

Baldwin: Year-end activity will be at a fever pitch by the second week in July, so the best thing you can do is start talking to your inside sales representative early about any deals you have in the pipeline so we can help ensure bill of materials and pricing accuracy, inventory position and/or drop ship timelines, and put the correct financing vehicle in place to complete the order.

EDGE360 Editors: If a reseller doesn’t know their rep, who should they contact?

Baldwin: Me! There are several ways that you can reach me, and I’ll direct you to the correct contacts. You can reach out via phone at 303-222-4836 or by email at

EDGE360 Editors: Beyond this busy time of year, how should resellers work with SYNNEX Comstor’s Inside Sales team?

Baldwin: We work with all our partners on a weekly basis to help them grow their Cisco practice and deliver great value and customer service to their end-users. We have regular cadence calls set up with most of our resellers and are happy to set one up with you… so contact us today!