How to Become Cisco Select Certified with TD SYNNEX: Unlocking New Possibilities


Certifications are like keys, unlocking new doors and possibilities for IT professionals. In today’s competitive environment, certifications play a crucial role in setting businesses and individuals apart from one another, adding value through knowledge and credibility. Due to increased demand and interest, 16 percent more certification exams were delivered last year according to the 2021 Value of IT Certification reports. Distribution partners often desire new certifications, especially the Cisco Select certification, but partners often do not know what resources and support are available to assist them.

The most effective route to certification is through verified training sessions. Jackson Grise, Product Business Manager for Cisco Meraki at TD SYNNEX, pointed out that for Cisco DAP assigned partners, there’s an ability to leverage TD SYNNEX for different pieces of training to help them obtain the Select certification. The pieces of training are usually between seven to eight hours long and can be completed in one day to accommodate busy schedules. While they don’t take up an excessive amount of time, they are packed with useful information to help distributors prepare for certification exams. Two courses that are helping distribution partners gain certifications on the journey to becoming Cisco Select certified are TD SYNNEX’s Cisco (ICS) Sales Training for Select Certification and TD SYNNEX’s Cisco (SMBTO) Technical Training for Select Certifications.

With the Cisco (ICS) Sales Training for Select Certification, partners spend seven hours studying the Cisco selling approach. Four modules will take participants through the topics of outcome-based selling, the sales role in business outcomes, identification of a customer’s requirements, and a deep dive into selling Cisco solutions. The information in the introduction to Cisco sales course helps participants gain a deeper grasp of what differentiates Cisco sales and how to support customers, preparing distributors for the Cisco 700-150 exam.

Additionally, for distributors seeking more knowledge and training on the technical aspect of being a Cisco partner, including the products and solutions offered, the Cisco (SMBTO) Technical Training for Select Certification prepares participants to pass the Cisco 700-755 exam. This small business technical overview is also just one day and explores Cisco wireless positioning, Cisco Business, and the Cisco designed products that help small businesses function seamlessly. In 18 different modules, participants can attain thorough insight and knowledge about Cisco on-premise, cloud-based solutions, and cloud-based technologies, as well as the Meraki line of products.

Becoming Cisco Select certified is an achievable goal for all distribution partners. TD SYNNEX provides partners with not only pieces of training, but also communities where other certification candidates can network, Cisco labs, simulation tools, practice tests, and other resources to assist them in opening new doors and possibilities as Cisco partners.

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