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The Comstor Cisco Meraki program focuses on expanding the IT offerings of Value-Added Resellers (VARs) without adding in-house resources and provides VARs with tips on how to secure the IT that they do run in-house. As we head into October’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month, it is critical for organizations of all sizes to evaluate their security posture. Recently, on the Cisco Meraki blog, the relationship between IT simplification and security hygiene was discussed.

Security is a broad topic in the IT world. From physical location safety to web credentials, security is top of mind for IT organizations – especially as news of breaches and attacks become more frequent. For organizations to reduce their cyber risk, simplicity is the best approach, and simplicity means good infrastructure.

There are three main areas that Cisco Meraki focuses on to promote good security hygiene through advanced infrastructure.

Human Error

According to the blog, it’s estimated that between 60 and 95 percent of network security issues stem from human error. The more complex an IT solution is, the higher the risk of mistakes. With Meraki, the implementation of tools like malware detection and firewalls are simplified on the Meraki dashboard to help prevent mistakes.

Automated Firmware and Patch Updates

Maintaining secure firmware is no easy task for network administrators. Firmware maintenance is vital, and Meraki helps customers automate and simplify this process using the cloud. With automatic updates, customers are always on the most current version, which ensures security. 

No Compromises

Just because the Meraki interface is easy to use doesn’t mean it has less to offer. With a security-first approach, Meraki has security offerings for any organization. With the integration of Cisco security technologies including prevention, malware protection, and DNS-based content filtering, Meraki ensures a secure environment.

As part of Comstor’s effort to help partners understand the latest security offerings from Cisco Meraki, join us for the next training on Wednesday, September 25.

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