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Cisco has recently introduced their exclusive Cloud-Consumption-as-a-Service (CCaaS) offering to their partner community. In an effort to promote a more strategic approach to cloud, they are encouraging their partner community to incorporate the suite into their own offerings in order to create new recurring revenue streams while also offering their customers cutting edge, Cisco-exclusive technology.

Due to the ever looming threat of shadow IT, it is becoming ever more important for customers to know what they have in the cloud and how to maneuver it safely and properly. For example, despite many enterprises’ confidence in their cloud ventures, “the average enterprise customer estimates that it uses about 90 cloud services, when in fact the average enterprise uses about 1,220 individual cloud services,” according to CRN.

Add that to the fact that as more services become automated, shadow IT continues to easily infiltrate enterprise level systems, and you can see the need for a more secure approach to cloud.

According to Cisco, with Cloud Consumption Services, partners can:

• Reduce cloud security, privacy, and compliance risks and protect branding and intellectual property.
• Deliver cloud services faster to meet line-of-business needs.
• Simplify cloud management with the right people, process, and tools.
• Reduce cloud costs up to 15 percent by consolidating cloud services.
• Improve service performance by foreseeing infrastructure impact.

Approach cloud adoption as strategically as possible and look more deeply into Cisco’s CCaas offering for your own partner community and their cloud needs so that you all can move at the speed of cloud.

To learn more about the Cloud Consumption as a service, click here.