Hey Amazon, We Are Paying Attention!


As we all know, Amazon has built a global retail powerhouse business before they ever opened a single “brick and mortar” retail location. Although many consumers will research products and services online, possibly even touch and feel the product in their hands at a retail store, at the end of the day, what consumers really want is to “buy” their products easily through a streamlined ordering experience. Amazon knew this and built the Amazon Marketplace; the rest is front page history!

This also begs the question: Why has Amazon been so successful with their online marketplace?

Here are just a few reasons:

1) Ease of use
2) Private, secure account for ordering
3) Ordering is available 24-7-365
4) Huge catalogue of items to choose from
5) Competitive pricing
6) Ordering online SAVES time
7) Easy-to-view data allows a consumer to track and view ordering history
8) A trusted retailer experience with consumers

But, how can Amazon’s online success translate to our Westcon/Comstor customers?

We have been paying attention to the model that works!

Although our reseller partners have built outstanding relationships with their Westcon/Comstor Account Managers and are very comfortable with calling or emailing them with quote requests and purchase orders, we believe that building a new online ordering and management tool for our cloud products and services will ultimately help strengthen that relationship.

Enter the new revolutionary Westcon/Comstor BlueSky platform!

This online platform provides cloud business intelligence that radically simplifies the order, delivery and management of our partners’ cloud services while still keeping them at the center of it all.

Providing a combination of cloud services, enablement programs and a management platform empowers us to help our partners aggressively tackle IT projects in a unique fashion. Our BlueSky platform enables partners to offer pure cloud services and to procure physical products, all through a single portal.

Once a partner uses the BlueSky platform to order their cloud service, they receive a secure high-level view
of product usage, top customers, spend, billing information, subscription renewals and additional areas. The platform also provides a consolidated section with training materials, manuals and tutorials.

For the same reasons that Amazon has been successful, we expect success for our BlueSky Platform because:

1) It’s easy to get started –Just click here and send us a note to get your private partner login credentials.

2) Partners will have a private, secure account for ordering – Each partner’s data and information remains private for their use only.

3) Ordering is available 24-7-365 – BlueSky is always OPEN for business!

4) There is a broad catalogue of items to choose from – Our cloud services marketplace provides industry leading solutions today and will continue to grow!

5) Competitive pricing – Our partners will pay the same or less for cloud services through the BlueSky platform as they would if buying directly from the Cloud Services Provider.

6) Ordering online SAVES time – This was our key design objective!

7) Easy-to-view data allows a consumer to track and view ordering history – Our BlueSky platform provides powerful real-time analytics and a customizable dashboard with 5 key performance metrics and 12 “Data Windows” to gain visibility into relevant data to help manage your unique cloud business.

8) Westcon/Comstor Ais a trusted partner. Just as we have done for 30 years, we will continue to earn the trust of our partners as their “go to” cloud distributor.

We are paying attention and hope to develop our new BlueSky platform into a tool for our partners to grow and manage their share of the ever-growing cloud marketplace for many years to come.

Interested in learning more about BlueSky? Watch the short video below:



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